Tragically Carolinian

7 12 2004

Another night, another hotel in a strange far off place.

Yesterday was a mixed bag.

Low point was visiting my Uncle in the hospital the day after we found out he’s got the big C in a not so good place. Makes you think about things said and left unsaid. Gotta work on that.

On a brighter note the evening brought The Tragically Hip for some well earned rock n roll and a gathering of great friends. Wisdom was not with us when we closed the Lower Deck , nor was it with us when we got donairs. It was with me however on Friday when I found another flight for today other than 6:25 AM, that brings me to Winston Salem, NC via Greensboro via a three hour delay in Newark.

That’s right I’m in the heart of NASCAR country. I’ve got to drive tomorrow to Atlanta and low and behold there are a couple of race shops on the way so I guess I’ll work thru lunch LOL. Thought life was grand when I booked a 2005 Mustang for the trip, due to the delay it wound up a Sebring convertible lots of fun in December.

For now there’s more reflection on things mentioned earlier.

Night Night




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