The best $5 ever ???

9 12 2004

A good rule of thumb while travelling in the US. When you have meetings to attend try and stay nearby. Today I had to get to the South of Atlanta for my meeting problem being I was staying in the North about 60 miles away and it was “rush”hour nobody was rushing. Anyway meeting went okay. Time for some lunch in Mcdonough, GA at a place called OB’s. No secret I love to eat but damn this was some good Bar-B-Q. I had pulled pork shoulder, hush puppies, baked beans, brunswick stew and I was in heaven. All that for $6.75, back to the best $5 ever line. That same exit was the exit for the Atlanta Motor Speedway so being that close I had to take a peek. Did you know that for $5 they’ll tour you around the track? Yep and it was the first time I’ve been on a NSACAR track 24 degree banking is steep in a van, can’t imagine what Bristol would be like anyway I was in the pits, victory lane, and the Chevy luxury box. $5 well spent indeed! Back to traffic people drive crazier in Atlanta than I’ve experienced anywhere yet. Crossed the Chattahoochee river on the way back to the Hotel. Definitely something different about the south. Back home tomorrow…




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