What’s in store for 05?

21 12 2004

I feel like this week is gonna take forever to get thru. I’m still like a little kid when it comes to Christmas. Feeling good this year as I have no idea what Jen’s getting me or anyone else for that matter. Snooping around ruins surprises, remember that kids.

Before you know it’s going to be 2005. Resolutions ready? I’ve been thinking about some. This blog is one thing I wanted to do to keep track of what’s going on. I also need like everyone else to drop a few lbs. Get in better shape too and get my whole family active. While I travel around for work I look for different things to see and do. But you know, I haven’t seen it all here yet either.

People come from everywhere to check out NS and I’ve missed a lot. Hikes on Cape Split, the Cabot Trail, Louisbourg, Whale watching and the Stan Rogers Festival have all escaped me so far. Lots of “like to do’s” I may damn well have to get a tent. Jen will laugh her ass off when she reads that. I’ve never really been one for sleeping on the ground.

I have a long list of projects on the bulletin board of things that need to get done around the house. The never ending honeydo list. Organization of one’s life, time to get that done but it’s hard if you’ve been 3500 miles away for the week. Little steps.

Most importantly more quality time with family and friends. Renew and preserve friendships. Like Willie said “Gee ain’t it funny how time slips away…”.

Take a few minutes and think of what was good for you in 04. For me? Family, new beginnings, smeltfest, Cuba with Jen & the Cubans, Liam catching fish, Emma becoming Emma, pool time, the deckstravaganza, little vacation time in the woods, the beach, Fourchu, Pictou, Guysborough, the odd round of golf, cars going around in circles, 4 wheeling, laughing myself silly,rock n roll, the World Champion Boston Red Sox, NASCAR, trying new things, life in Canada, life on the road in America and life in the Air. I won’t even mention what I think about airports.

Make a note before you forget for soon it will be 2006.




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