Happy Ho Ho

29 12 2004

Happy Holiday Season to all! I work in an environment where we don’t celebrate Christmas so I’m careful what I say. Anyway we had a great holiday at our house with everyone getting some great stuff. The kids were totally into it. I didn’t think Emma was going to really be that excited but she figured it out pretty quick. We are well into the turkey celebration with tonight being the turkey burger festival and tomorrow night marking the turkey soup finale.

I’ve been planning the New Years feast and hardly wait to come up with it all.

But I find myself constantly checking CNN and following what has happened half a World away. Can you imagine being on a dream vacation laying on the beach and look up to see that coming? How about if you had family there or if you lived there?

I’m certainly not going to bitch about the snow. NS power on the other hand currently the has the value of flea shit I don’t know how long people will put up with their half assed service. I’m sure the front line folks are doing all that they can but too many pennies have been pinched.

That’s all for now. Remember your resolutions and keep them…




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