Bright Lights Big City Country Boy Wants to Go Home

22 01 2005

What brings us to rushing lights and sounds? Is it bestilled upon as children with toys that light up and make noises? I ask that as tonight I was waiting for my flight in Boston when all of a sudden the tarmac was aglow in lights of red & blue. Not good. Was I about to witness a catastrophe? My conspiracy mind was running and next thing I know I was not alone as other curious onlookers arrived. Perhaps I’m not as twisted as I thought, then again I was the only when with a digital camcorder in his pocket set to capture what happened. Or was I? Anyway don’t know what happened, no crash, no dirty bomb maybe it was just a drill. You think they’d have the courtesy to tell us. Funny how that got everyone chatting in our area of common travelers trying to get home. Only 10 of us on the flight on a lovely Dash 8. Seriously I’m not a big fan of these and that might keep me from traveling Air Canada when I can look and see that’s what is getting me there. They are noisy, cold and have a strange habit of dropping in pockets of air I can’t see. Just get me home please. Happy to be going home tonight as I am at the end of all trips. Hopefully I can find my car at the airport in the snow bank that is likely surrounding it. Another 40 CM coming. Ain’t life grand. Actually home next week before another flight, another rental car, another hotel room to wonder who did what in here and where. Nice to go home to your own bed. Nice getting to be Daddy again in the morning and resuming normal life. Ciao! BTW 26 more sleeps until the Daytona weekend starts. Racing Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. What a heavenly way to start my favorite season. Time to work on the 500 pool and send out the Evites to the KFS Motorsport Daytona Kickoff Party. *** Note the car was dead and no #$*ing taxis available at the HFX airport.




One response

28 01 2005
The Bannister's

Great idea Rob, especially with all the traveling you do. About this Nascar pool, include me in. Lenny

PS-You were at RCR? And no photos for me? No gift shop item? How dare you……….Next time you need Dr. Kevorkian, I may not always be around.

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