How fast is too fast?

25 02 2005

Cue the theme from the lone ranger and may the rental car abuse begin. Coming off the heels of an excellent Daytona 500 party it’s time to fly yet again. This week it’s Manchester,NH and then off to Portland, ME. Geographically I think this is as close as I’ll likely ever get to home but yet be away. To think that Portland means weekend roadtrips from Halifax. As Costanza would say “Worlds are colliding”, anyway not a bad week of shows but now it’s time to get home. Travel has been relatively smooth so far although today was the day I was sure I would miss my flight. 7:15 from Logan on a Thursday night. Time check 5:10 leaving Portland only 90 miles, some city driving, fill the car, take the car back, catch the shuttle and grab a bite and mustn’t forget scheduled arrival two hours before departure. Zoom zoom zoom and I’m in the food court at 6:40 CRIPES that was fast, I’m sure the good folks at Thrifty would be pleased to know that their Sebring is capable of 100 MPH. Next stop Halifax. Flew home with a guy coming home from the 500 great conversation and a little envy ;>

Robbie Mac’s Thought for the Week…
Take a breath and remember sometimes it’s not the destination but the journey that’s more important.




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