Robbie Mac Circa 1992

26 02 2005

Once upon a time I was a creature of the night. I avoided my early twenties by focusing on the night time instead of the day time. I worked a couple of nights a week and lived the life of riley. I drove an old truck lived in a $250 apartment and had the World by the tail. Then it was time to grow up. Fast forward a decade and a couple of kids later and here we are. Every now and again an opportunity comes along to turn back time and tonight was one of those. I played my first club gig in years and had a blast. Not quite an A list crowd but a crowd never the less. Loud tunes at my control and people moving to my beat. Will I be doing this when I’m 70? Who knows senior sock hops in Florida playing the rock and roll. On a similar note, the boy and I had a talk about a song he heard about “smoke on the water” sometimes taste can be taught. Rock on!




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