10 Days, 16 shows, 7 States, and 1 Conjugal Visit

12 03 2005

Sorry it’s been a bit busy lately. I left home on March 1st and I’m heading home tonight, these shows are going to be the end of me I swear. Now seven weeks into these shows I guess I’ve got my rhythm down. Some rooms are enjoyable and some well…not so much. I went toe to toe with the “Patel Cartel” in Chicago. Anyway I’m not somewhere over Pennsylvania home bound. Last weekend was great with a visit from a special someone on the company dime in Chicago. I can’t say enough about the W Hotel we stayed at. If you need to score some brownie points there’s your place. The more time I spend there the more I like it. If I lived there though I’d be 300 lbs. Maybe not if I walked as much as we did. We spent Saturday walking the magnificent mile shopping and gawking. The architecture in Chicago is better than the food, well at least close. A quiet weekend was rerouted when we had to go to Cleveland on Sunday for a show on Monday. What’s in Cleveland that I would like? The rock and roll hall of fame and museum has been on my gotta see list as long as it’s been around. I was told I was the happiest looking I’d been in quite some time. The place is way too cool. I was disappointed that some of my faves were not overly present (U2,AC/DC, and Marley) of course there was just a year long U2 exhibit there. Anyway wicked spot, plans for supper were dashed while out for a walk near the Gund Arena when out of the alley as they often comes a scalper. I asked what was up and he explained that Shaq was in town, I didn’t have much money on me. But after the first quarter tickets sell for a fraction of face value. First time I’ve expensed beer and dogs for supper. This weekend I’ll happily settle for hot dogs with the little people watching the snow fall. Spring is coming soon right?




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