Living here in Allentown

16 03 2005

So Billy Joel wrote a song about this place. Everyone knows it. The lady at the Air Canada counter knew it. I planned on whistling it thru town. No sir! I’m not sure what this place has more of pawn shops or cheque cashing joints. Can you say shit hole? I can and it is. Added points to Air Canada for bringing me in on a plane that I’m sure I saw at Toys R Us. The joys of it all. I knew something was up when I could book a suite for $109. My boss just called to check in on me and I told him I wouldn’t go out after dark. My best description of this place from one Cape Bretoner to another was that it’s like an urban Glace Bay. Picture that would you please?

As a parting note here’s to the lads from U2 on getting into the Rock Hall good to know someone can still write songs that are real and true. Ciao




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