Philly Philly Baltimore

23 03 2005

Last week Allentown this week brings Philly. Out of the shithole and into the city. I’ve been here a few times now and this was the first time I’ve gone near downtown. Funny more time I spend in these cities I’m getting a little braver and trying to do more and more local stuff. When in Philly? Gotta get a cheesesteak and for God’s sake you better now how to order it right! A while ago I found a great website and it’s been a good guide not so much for a the four star places as much as the four stain places. Anyway tonight I’m watching the Rock Hall Induction ceremonies and my lads from U2 getting put in by the Boss. Amazing, I of course am a fan of a good speech and this ceremony was full othem. Hard to imagine that I’ve been listening to them for 20 years. Gotta catch a show or two this tour. Time to pack for Baltimore and the Easter Bunny. Ciao…




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