Is pyromania heriditary?

10 04 2005

If you’ve ever been to my house you’d realize that I have a wood problem. When we bought this place it was surrounded by trees. Well 120 trees and a hurricane later I’m still cleaning up. Brush piles, log piles. What to do? Burn baby burn. I love having fires. I get this from my father who gets it from his father and so on. Maybe we were kicked out Scotland years ago for brush fires. Not sure but I know this time of the year I’m out in the yard happy as a clam. It was strange this week to be home start to finish and not have to fly, rent or check into anything. Stange but very nice. Show season is winding up. Two more trips and it’s done. I’m off to Texas tomorrow and Georgia on Tuesday night. It’s going to be a good eating trip. I love the bar-b-q down south. Three times a day too much? See y’all later.




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