Hillbillies & Hippies Unite

27 05 2005

Often on the road I miss the opportunity to do much other than race from one city to the next. Ft. Lauderdale was an exception, I was able to catch Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan tonight. They are touring minor league ball parks for the summer. What a show! Things didn’t get off to a great start in the rain complete with lightning but the clouds parted, sun came out and there was the musical Messiah Willie. I hadn’t seen him live since 91 when the Highwaymen played Halifax and I got to meet a very cooked Mr. Nelson outside the Metro Centre. I’ve been a huge Willie fan for a long time and while I can’t understand what Bob’s saying I like his music. The crowd was VERY eclectic as the title indicates all types were present. Folks in Florida are a bit different anyway. I mean that in a nice way. I meet folks and they say why they are here and so on. Generally it’s a story of always wanting to be there etc. Anyway there were some real deal hippies at this show. I’m sure concession sales weren’t limited to the concession stands. I saw what appeared to be a grandmother, mother and daughter trio enjoying what looked to be a very large cigarette. Anyway that’s it till next week. Cheers!




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