It’s Race Day Weekend

7 06 2005

So the time had come for some racing. This year’s crack team consisted of Pretty Boy Bowes, The Cuban Assasin, Farmer Forbes and Your Truly. We converged on Philly Thursday night. Caught the Phillies-Giants game 8 rows up from first courtesy of a scalper for less than face value. Rolled out to Jersey where we were staying and left in the rain Friday morning for Dover (rhymes with hungover which I painfully was) when we got there it was wet and everything rain related was cleaned out at WalMart so we spent the time wandering around Dover. At lunch we saw some Busch drivers and at Best Buy the Cuban spied Elliott Sadler driver of the M&Ms car and Jamie McMurray so we had to have an impromptu photo opp (pic to follow) After that we rolled back out to Jersey stopping to shop at some fine discount liquor stores. $13.99 tax free gets you 30 beer. It’s cheaper than soda. Saturday was met with more cloud and a trip back to the track. The 45 minute ride Friday was now double that and parking in the mud. Off to the Busch hospitality tent where $39 got us brekkie, lunch and all you can drink Busch with a goody bag. I think I was well ahead by 11:30. There were some simulators there, a pit expo and a truck that had beer coming out of it. Time for the Busch race great seats great race and then time to split back out Jersey. On our way home the Cuban needed to stop at his second most favorite place Hooters. I swear the food there is shite and the scenery wasn’t much better. Good thing I’m not bitter. Saturday night led us to a dirt track for crazy local racing. Lowlight of the night and weekend for that matter was the last race of the night when a guy wrecked and had to cut out of the car and choppered to a hospital. Not good, back to the room by 11:30 and time to crash. Long freakin’ day and I think I’m getting older. Sunday, race day and we were gone to the track for the 45 minute drive that’s now 3 hours each way with traffic. We got some tshirts in the parking lot that apparently were later seized by the FBI. I thought it was a REALLY good deal. 150,000 folks there to watch everything great first 41 laps till Jeff got punted by Tony. Then it was not so good. Anyway we drug our butts back to the hotel and crashed again. Good weekend. Off to Boston and home Tuesday.




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