Hot Damn Hot!!!

17 06 2005

Cripes it’s hot. I’m in Jacksonville today and it’s 95. I love the heat when I’m in trunks or chilling out but with work clothes on I’m a mess. Some folks sweat, I mist. Jacksonville officially ends my roadshow tour. What was supposed to be a two month event wound up being six months. I’ve logged some serious miles. Twenty three states and I lost track of how many presentations after I hit sixty. I wish I did all of the Florida shows in February not mid June. Oh well. Looking back I was in some pretty cool spots and did some neat stuff. I probably hit some spots I’ll never get back to but I’ve learned to never say never. I just hope I’m not back in Allentown anytime soon. That was probably the spookiest spot that I hit while Arizona was probably the coolest. I’d like to get back there and spend some time maybe vacation there or something. I kinda like Florida too but it’s a wee bit touristy and I still don’t know if I’d relax on vacation. Speaking of which I’m only a few weeks out from a break. We’ve got two family reunions on Jen’s side this year. I missed the boy’s first class trip yesterday and I miss grading day next week. It ain’t easy missing this stuff. LIfe on the road. Great it’s snack time with Continental what have we today? A turd sized sandwich of sorts, corn chips and M&Ms super more calories. I’m hitting the gym tomorrow for sure. Speaking of the gym did I mention that I met Don King this week? I was waiting for my flight in Newark when I look over at who sat beside me and it was him. The American flag, the unlit cigar, 400 lb goon the whole deal. He was waiting for his stretch golf cart to shuttle him around and he plunked down beside me.Wondering about the hair? I think the humidity got to it as it wasn’t standing straight up. Anyway we’re talking for a sec when he gets recognized and kind of swarmed. He had no pen to sign stuff so I gave him mine. Well it clears out and he signs my passport for me. I had nothing else anyway the cart pulls up and he splits with my pen. What are you gonna do? Oh well Fathers Day weekend starts tomorrow and I’m taking the boy and pop to the Monster Truck show. We went last year and they had a blast. Other than that it’s time to turn the pool blue.and relax. Y’all come back now ya hear?




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