Happy Canada Day / Live 8 / Sunny Weather Etc

4 07 2005

As you see, this note’s inspiration has come from the movie planes, trains, and automobiles. I was in Boston last week for a “one night” trip when I returned to the airport on Wednesday to find out that the return portion of my trip was “delayed” okay, I’ll go to the bar for some wings and a beer to kill some time. NOPE! Flight is not delayed but cancelled. Crap! I’ve learned a few things about travelling this much. Don’t wait in line at the airport you will only go nuts. First thing, secure accomodations. DONE. Next arrange transportation. DONE. They looked at me kinda funny walking up to the counter I had just left a while ago. Okay, now regroup, find out when you are really gonna get home. What’s that you say senseless personality-less better replaced by a computer telephone agent? Not likely to get home till Friday at 10:50 PM at the earliest. WTF??? Apparently they are working on the runway in Halifax. Time for Plan B. Rental car companies are funny about jumping borders with their cars. I am travelling with my service manager and his vacation starts in less than 24 hours. Gotta get him home. I thought of the movie and also thought the CAT ferry would have been a neat bit but no. I pick up the next one at Alamo and return the first car to Thrifty and we are off. Funny how rental car lots are always darkish. The roadtrip mobile today is a Buick Lesabre, an whitehair mobile. It had 19,000 miles on it which is like 300,000 kms in rental car reality. It smelt a little funny and my seat was blown out. Oh well, we will get home. I guess in the end we were lucky it was only Boston. I do actually enjoy going for a good long drive now and again. Just not in a Buick. I probably might have lost my license in anything else. Return to Halifax 5PM Thursday. A little bit wiped. Happy Canada Day look at the weather. Grey and cold. Super! Quiet day. Saturday brought LIVE8. I watched most of it. Will we ever see another event like this in our lifetime? Really cool stuff. My biased opinion picks U2 as the kings of the day. One note after watching bands play amazing venues like Circus Maximumus in Rome, Versailles in Paris, etc how did we look at a park in Barrie? Not only that but certainly could have let some more folks in. In Barrie best sets go to The Hip, Gordon Lightfoot, and the man Neil Young. Liam loved Motley Crue. I see some of me rubbing off on him. He plays a mean air guitar! The race was rain delayed on Saturday night so that sucked. Sunday actually meant SUNday. Lots of yard work in the AM and then it was poolside in the afternoon. Chilling and grilling. Welcome to Summer 05! Three weeks till the deckstravaganza….Brace yourself!




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