Country Roads Take Me Home

7 08 2005

A close friend of the family passed away on Thursday. Isn’t it wonderfully strange that sadness brings us together. I was off to Cape Breton Friday night to get down for the funeral on Saturday. This allowed me to do a few things I’ve been I haven’t had the time to do. First, I got to have a few drinks with my tallest cousin Oger. That lead to some late night horseshoes and an out of control bonfire. Fire is a trait that MacCormick men are well known for. I wonder if that’s why we had to leave Scotland generations ago? Anyway after melting my sandals in the fire with me still in them (somehow not hurt) it was time for a nap. The morning sun found sitting me on a dock on the Bras’dor Lakes. I arrived in darkness and if it were not for the funeral I would have a hard time leaving this beautiful cottage I was staying at.

Off to downtown Fourchu to meet up with Ma & Pa as well as my Grampie. This time last year he was not doing so well but what a turn around. He owes it all to a kick in the ass from his doctor and his junk food diet. He’s gained 50 lbs in a year but it looks healthy on him, borderline jolly. I rubbed his belly and he said he was 7 months and showing. Funny stuff.

Not everyday there are traffic jams in Fourchu. I don’t know how many people were in the church but there were loads. I couldn’t get in so I stayed out in the sun with some of the others. Weddings, wakes and funerals are the ticket to seeing a ton of people in a hurry. It was nice but as quick as I got there it was time to go.

One thing I love about going “down home” by myself is that I get to drive the road like a mad man and I did :> Twisty turny, up and down, I’ve been told to slow down many times. Neil Young didn’t say boo to me today. I was “Bound for Glory”. Three hours later and I was in the hubtown.

Jen’s in for surgery on Monday so we are leaving the kids with the grandparents who deserve saint status for helping us. Quiet night.

With no kids we could sleep in today. Oops I forgot the damn cat. Who felt it was time to be let out at 7. Little bastard. Anyway I told Jen to do whatever she wanted today and more importantly eat whatever she wanted. She’s going to be wired shut for 4-6 weeks. Lunch was a Big Mac but supper’s taking us to Baan Thai, the best Thai joint I’ve ever enjoyed. We’ll follow up tomorrow.




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