What in the hell am I doing here???

20 08 2005

Ever wake up at a crazy hour or in our case have a little person stand beside you while you are sleeping to sense someone is looking at you and have the living shit scared out of you? That was this morning, Liam was looking for a change of venue and I wasn’t in favor of it. Anyway after a re-tuck-in I set about what I normally do in the middle of the night I roamed around the house. Usually I check email, surf to see if the World has come to a crashing halt since 11 when I last saw the news and crawl back to bed. For some reason today I was full of piss and vinegar. Why not tidy up the kitchen, done, can’t make too much noise so why not go to work and get the stuff done you had planned on for later in the weekend. Normal to head to work at 5AM on a Saturday right? I’m sure Dad woke up in a cold sweat, not too very long ago I’d just be getting in from “work” at a dance or a club. My how the times have changed, I guess I like this gig. I’m a little over a year in here (see above) and I’ve been home since June 30th which is an eternity when you are used to travelling as much as I do. Some folks laugh at me when I’m at the office apparently I remind them of a Zoo animal all caged up and nowhere to go. I return to the road this week and have trips down both coasts in the next little bit. Adventures abound for sure. I think I hear the printer warming up time to go. NOW GET THE HELL UP AND STOP WASTING THE DAY!!!!!!




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