Could it be the end of DJ Robbie Mac???

17 10 2005

Long Monday. Funny how they follow long Sundays after late Saturday nights! We covered Cape Breton on the weekend almost literally. We drove to Fourchu on Friday night and went to Sydney Saturday morning to visit Nannie. Zoom zoom zoom off to Cheticamp for Oger’s wedding. When we got the resort we realized the weather was going to get bad. Winds of 130 km/h! The wedding itself went off okay, then the rain came, the reception didn’t start till 7 leaving a 3 hour delay with nothing to do but enjoy the company and a few beers. The dance got rolling around 10:30 and I was the entertainment. Sixteen years I’ve been “spinning tunes”, what started harmlessly enough as a favor to a friend to play tapes at a wedding took me to a lot of places in front of a lot of faces. My early 20s were a blur of weekends playing bars and halls. Had I done it right I could still do it today but there comes a point when night and day get mixed up and you become a creature of the night. Don’t get me wrong I had a great time and met lots of great people. But each night I went off to a gig I left folks behind. Each night I did a favor for a friend and did a gig someone had to go to stuff without me. Add the travel I do thru the week and I think it’s time to hang it up. Literally hundreds of thousands of folks and I lost track of how many free beers it’s the end of the Mac. What was the last tune? “Barrett’s Privateers” and rightfully so and for some damn reason I could not find “The Gambler”

RIP DJ Robbie Mac
Don’t worry I will always be an entertainer and man of the people.




2 responses

18 10 2005
Cuban (aka Greg S)

Many a night have I staggered to the dance floor to the last song being spun by “Robbie Mac.”

Whether it be Stan Rogers, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson or the Man in Black Johnny Cash it was always great finish. A little blurry some nights but still a great finish.

Rob your a good friend and knowing you well I am sure an “Encore” could be in the future.
There is always “Deckstavagansa 06”

Peddle to the Metal my Man!!!


PS: Jeff Gordon still Sucks!!!

23 10 2005

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