On My Best Behavior

3 11 2005

So enough week another wedding or so it seems lately. Last weekend I was on pretty good behavior at Gord’s stag I’m not sure why but I did. This weekend it was Gord & Lynn’s wedding and I was asked to MC their reception. While I was a wiseass (go figure) I did in fact behave. I spent some time with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while nor do I get to spend much time with. Namely my Melonesque brother Tim Bowers who provided the entertainment at the dance. When Gord & Lynn first got together I heard about a guy named Wes. By the time I met him last weekend he was a legend in my mind. A legend who works with legends. Wes drives motorcoaches for musicians. COOL! He was one of Waylon Jenning’s pallbearers who is pretty high up in my books.
Anyway, it was a beautiful day. And like most beautiful days it ended with a donair. Not just any donair but one as big as my head. I swear this was the biggest thing I had ever tackled. It took two days and two tries but I beat it. OY.
Halloween was fun I apologize for no goober pics as I couldn’t find the digital camera. The kids had a great time. Liam was a Devil and Emma was a princess not a stretch for either of them.
Know what we are doing this weekend? NOTHING and I’m loving it big time. AAAHHHHH…




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