We ate, we drank, they raced and I won!

20 11 2005

So, I had my birthday yesterday. Quiet day. Liked it that way. I went grocery shopping with the little people. Jen went to a friends wedding. I missed it. Sorry but we’ve been to plenty this Fall. I was thrilled to get to stay home and cook. Cook? Yep cook. I wanted to feed everyone coming for the “Race for the Case”party marking the end of the Nascar season. I wanted to whip something up different. Let them taste sometinh I enjoy when I’m down South. I made pulled pork, gumbo, and jalapeno corn bread. Pretty damn good stuff if I say so myself! Oh and I had a nice bottle of wine and watched the new U2 DVD getting ready to see them live myself. I’m now 34. For the most part younger than most of my friends but it’s something I’ve grown used to.
Flash forward a few hours and Jen crawled in at 5AM (I’m very proud of her she needs to do that more often) and I was getting the house ready when the masses arrived. I think we had over a dozen in and around manland. Oh the testosterone! Guys shitting on each other, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.
Well, we drank, they ate, boy did they eat. We had what I made and add in pepperoni, home made beans, crab dip and something called dog food dip and it was border line toxic downstairs. I’m feeling for the guys tomorrow but it was all self imposed.
Oh the I won part? Remember I mentioned a while back me talking about the NASCAR pool I was in? No? I tried a pool for the first time. I finished third out of seventy two entries. Not bad and it paid out over two hundred bucks. How’d you do Cuban? LOL
Will we ever learn? As long as there are still Donairs to be conquered I doubt it…




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