In the name of Love

29 11 2005

Perfect weekend for me? Either a great concert or sporting event in a fantastic city. I swear WHEN I win Lotto 6/49 it’ll take a GPS to find me but a good guess would be to look in the best seats. Jen and I went to Montreal Saturday to see U2 at the Bell Centre. It was a complimentary weekend. Cashed in some airmiles, rental car tickets, and hotels on the house. Sometimes there are perks with running the roads. Back to Mtl, we got in early in the morning got some brekkie, went to Ikea, did some shopping on St Catherine St, got some supper and then hit the show.

Oh the show. Toughest ticket on the tour. Tickets were going for crazy $$$ on ebay. I’m not a fan of the gouge. I got tickets 25ft from the stage for face value from a guy in Virginia. Bless you Ben! This was the fourth time I’ve seen U2 and the third time in Mtl. I’ve said lots of times it’s like a religious experience. No let down here. Being that close let’s you pick up on things other don’t. Anyway it was amazing.

Sunday we took some time to chill out, literally, as it was snowy and cold . We hung out around Old Montreal, had some lunch and then went up to Mt Royal to keep with the tourist theme and then settled in out at the Hilton. For a great time hit the road it’s good to get away and usually great to get home.

Work weekend coming up!




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