Robbie Mac’s Top 10 for 2005

1 01 2006

So, it’s time to reflect on what was accomplished in 2005. This was a CRAZY year. I was gone a ton in the spring. Kinda got burnt out but made it thru the summer. Having some time off now at Christmas let me realize how tired I really was.

In no particular order here are some of the cooler things I took in thru 05. How am I gonna top this? Watch me!

Chicago / Cleveland
In the midst of my Winter show season I took advantage of a work sponsored conjugal visit. Jen & I visited the windy city for a few days. We stayed at an amazing W hotel. Shopped the magnificient mile and did some fine eating too! We had to go to Cleveland on Sunday and managed to knock items off both of our “cool to do” lists. For me it was getting to go to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, I had dreamed about going there for a long time. Jen finally go to go to an NBA game we saw Lebron James vs Shaq for $12. We got the tickets from scalpers after the game started.

Arizona / New Mexico
If you asked me where was the coolest place I went to this year I would have to say Arizona. I had never been to the desert before. I flew into Phoenix toured around, did a show and then drove thru the desert to Tucson. I had a manly Chrysler Sebring convertible but I didn’t care. Probably the coolest drive I have experienced. It’s just so different from here I might has well been in Outer Space. Tucson was a great city too. I really loved it out there and would love to go back.

I met the fellas in Dover for a NASCAR weekend. We went to a Phillies game our first night there then drove out to Jersey where we were staying. The trip to the track ranged from 45 minutes to 3 hours each way on Sunday. Always cool to go to the races.

Jen’s Family Reunions
Jen had not one but two family reunions this summer. The first was in Pictou with the Brown clan. We all rented cottages for a week. Weather wasn’t the best but the eats and drinks were great. It was fun to watch the kids travel in packs and clean out snacks from cottage to cottage. We were off to PEI for Natal Day and stayed with the Sharkey Clan outside of Montague. Interesting trip as well more eats and drinks and some folks were introduced to some of the more rural cousins Remus, Pius and Angus. Throw in some horseshoes, BBQ, and golf and you’ve got a great weekend. I’m looking forward to doing this in Cape Breton next summer.

Racing School
The owner of the company I work for took 20 of us to racing school. I’ve wanted to race stock cars since I was a little kid. I finally got to. It was awesome other than almost totalling the car spinning out off of turn 4. Next stop NASCAR!!!

Deckstravaganza 05
We had another great summer bash poolside at Chateau Mac. It would be great to be poolside today. Correction warm and poolside. Watch for the 06 version!!!

Robbie Mac’s Birthday Party
Had a great birthday party with lots of southern eats to tied into the last NASCAR race of the year. Throw in the fact that I finished third in the pool that I was in and it was a pretty good day with friends and family.

U2 Montreal
Jen & I flew to Montreal the weekend after my birthday to see U2. Very hard ticket to get a hold of. But thanks to the young guy I found on a fan site I was able to get amazing tickets beside the stage for face value. Montreal is a city that I’ve always said if you don’t have a good time it wasn’t Montreal that let you down. We did some Christmas shopping, wandered around, enjoyed some eats. Nice weekend in one of my favorite cities.

Christmas Vacation
I took some time off to celebrate the holidays. We left our house on Christmas for the first time in years. It was nice to spend time with family but I really enjoy chilling out over the holidays. We had friends over for New Years Eve and we played some games and had some eats. More than anything else I caught up on rest and relaxation. Soon time to return to reality.

Being a SmartAss 24/7
My gift to all everyday. Sure it gets me in trouble lots but it makes me who I am. I’m going to keep track of some of these nuggets I come up with and write a book. Watch me.

To you and yours have a great 2006. Be safe and take it all in you only go thru once.




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