No fish were harmed making this picture

3 02 2006

I love getting to the woods. Whether it be to go 4 wheeling, fishing whatever I just like to disappear now and again. Jan 27-29th marked the MacCormick SmeltFest a glorious event inspired a few years back when we were having a hard time getting away in the summer due to everyone’s vacation schedule. I picked this weekend as it’s in the middle of Winter and the weekend before SuperBowl. Theoretically there is nothing major going on.

The “We” in this aren’t all MacCormick’s but they are all like brothers to me.

Anyway, we went for a change of venue this year and wound up at my cousin Derrick’s Inlaws bungalow (sounds like a movie title). Ice fishing is pretty simple sport. Cut a hole in the ice put something on a hook and wait. Slight problem this year is the lack of ice. None. Nadda.

That left us with nothing else to do but eat, drink and be merry. Fortunately those are three areas we do well with.

Ten souls made it for Friday night and only six remained for Satruday night. Plugged in all weekend to the mighty W-Eskasoni native radio station where you can hear anything in any order. Great DJ’s and ads too.

Many laughs, foul smells and strange bedfellows make for a FANTASTIC weekend.

Only 51 weeks till next year…




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