Well that was that…

10 02 2006

So last Thursday I got smoked. Point of clarification for those not up on my lingo. I was relieved of my duties. Seems I was not a perfect fit. After 19 months, 31 states, 85,000 airmiles too many nights away and about 8.5 million dollars in business it was time to go. It wasn’t the same as when I first started there. Things had changed. Bring on the package…

Anyway no regrets, great experience for the resume, lots of things seens and done. Speaking of the resume do you know anybody looking for someone to talk to people?

Now it’s time to make things up with those who got shut out a bit over the past 19 months. The little people are actually happier with me as a deadbeat stay at home Dad. I wish it paid what I was getting elsewhere. Taking care of the kids, the house and laundry should pay like 100K with benefits right? Oh well something wicked good should this way come. Also on the bright side the cars start going around in circles again tomorrow night. And next week it’s the 500!

Mood of the moment ~Happy Pappy
Tune of the Moment ~ She sells sanctuary – The Cult
What’s for supper ~ Pulled Pork Quesadillas and Spinach Salad




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