Tick tock tick tock

27 02 2006

Been a while since a post so hi there. I’m still off. I’ve been looking online, offline here there and everywhere. For those of you watching out for me to crack it’ll be a while yet. I am however cooking up a storm and bringing the house to order. If you could see the poor excuse for a closet organizer I built you’d laugh your ass off. Anyway, I’m seeing progress. When I can grocery shop three times a week it’s not good. I made some wicked ribs Saturday night. Em and I are spending lots of time together and the cars are going around in circles again on the weekends. This week brings a Motley Crue concert. Should be an interesting group there huh? I’d love to show some pics from the Daytona 500 party at the cuban’s but I won’t! Anyway bring on spring.

Mood of the moment ~Freakin’Bored
Tune of the Moment ~ If I should fall from grace- Pogues
What’s for supper ~ Beer can chicken, mashed potatoes, etc




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