Midgets, Strippers & McD’s All In A Nights Work

4 03 2006

Thursday night I went to see Motley Crue. I know, I know, but I still love rock n roll. In the early 80s these guys lead the way with hair metal. Didn’t know what to expect but when we went to the Alehouse and saw folks our age and older in Motley gear I figured it was going to be interesting. I described the show as a spectacle. The stage is done up like a big top circus and a midget and some dancers come out next thing you know BOOM it’s on. Lots to keep you occupied, I think there was some lip syncing going on but as the beers were going down as fast as the songs who cares. I believe there were 8000 happy customers and any time I’m in a skybox I’m generally very happy. I don’t know if a trip to McD’s and another bar was necessary but done nevertheless leading into a long Friday.

Did you see Paul McCartney, his wife and Danny Williams on Larry King last night? Good scrap but if I was Paul I’d leave her and her yap on the ice to get a better look at the seals OY!

Meanwhile we’ve come to find out this AM that there’s a new member of the family. Welcome Mason Bishop! Another immaculate conception for Tel & Jeff.

Back to painting…

Mood of the moment ~House Painting How Happy Can You Be?
Tune of the Moment ~ Dear Mr Fantasy- Big Sugar
What’s for supper ~ Steak Taters and Fixins




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