March Break, Spring Cleaning & New Tour

10 03 2006

Well spring is just around the corner. We’re going to take a quick trip to Moncton with the little people. Should be fun. Last time we were there we took them to Crystal Palace and Liam was pissed because he wasn’t tall enough to go on the good rides. Now it’s Emma’s turn. I’m sure half of NS will be there. Look for me grinning and bearing it. I spent this AM cleaning windows. The house is coming together. Time to get back to work. I’ve got a couple of interviews next week. Cross your fingers.

If it all falls thru my music career is taking off. I started guitar lessons a while back and I now know a bunch of intros not whole songs but intros. Should take the deckstravaganza to another level. I plan to tour the Yarmouth region in the spring with some dates in the Musquodobit Valley to follow. Look for my holiday DVD with my Kenny Rogers medley at the Walmart in time for the holidays.

Mood of the moment ~Freakin’ Tired
Tune of the Moment ~ Heart of Gold – Neil Young & Me
What’s for supper ~ Chicken Fajitas and Nachos maybe a little drink of rum




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