Tony’s Back

13 03 2006

Remember how I mentioned that the kids had gotten the stomach flu? Guess who got it when we got to Moncton Saturday? Yep. I hate being sick to my stomach and will fight it till the ends of the Earth. We got checked into the Hotel Saturday and went for a swim. I got the chills, they were multiplying. I was losing control. Sorry bad GREASE reference. I apologize for that I am better than that. Anyway, I thought a nap would beat it. Nope. So we went to supper, as soon as I walked in the restaurant I thought I was going to blow chow. I took a cab back to the hotel and two gravol. Good night. Visions, sweats and shakes. Great night but no pukie pukie.

Woke up yesterday and felt as though I have been beat with a stick. Went to Crystal Palace and had fun with the little people. Liam had me on the giant swing a few too many times. When we were leaving Jen asked “How does this flu start”. Complete cycle of MacCormick’s.

Anyway I got everyone tucked in last night and it was time for the return of the Sopranos. Oh my GOD. Wicked. David Chase always leaves you guessing. Time to come up with activities for the week and find out about job interviews. It’s really time to get back to work…

Mood of the moment ~Busy
Tune of the Moment ~ Glad Tidings – Van Morrison
What’s for supper ~ Pork Tenderloin & Spinach Salad




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