On vacation with the family, George W and the guy in the vest

8 04 2006

Back from Cancun. We booked last minute and went cheapy cheap to Cancun. I know I’m usually cost effective (cheap) but this was really cheap. We all went for under $2500 tax in. That’s return airfare, acommodations, eats and drinks. CHEAP. What does that get you in hurricane ravaged Cancun? A small three star resort with one restaurant and one bar. Clean and safe is what I usually look for. I’m never interested in the monster resorts with 2000 rooms. No gracias. We were on the beach by noon after leaving YHZ at 6AM. Early start but the kids were wired.

Anyway Cancun was interesting with ole George W and PM Harper there on conference. I was ashamed of our fashion burdoned PM in the staged photo opp at the Mayan ruins. Who in the hell gets this clown dressed in the AM?

W looks like the leader of the free World on vacation and I’m telling you every CDN at the resort talked about what he was wearing.

It’s a very easy city to get around just jump on a bus for 65 cents and away you go. Security was tight with those guys in town. Lots of riot plice and extra security just in case. We had Mexican secret service staying at our hotel. One of them told they were in town for an ambulance convention but later cracked under questioning at the bar. They were there to protect the tourists. Wild huh? Anyway it was a no frills cheapy cheapy last minute vacation but the kids and Jen had a great time.

Very Americanized (Walmart, McD’s) so if the resort sucked I had a plan B. Liam loved the grocery section at Walmart. I only brought home a dozen bottles of hot sauce and salsa. I love the grub down there.

I made my first mexican pesos busking on the bus with a borrowed guitar. Also learned that if you tell the Mexican sales person in the market that you are looking for something to make crabs go away you will part the place like MOSES. True story!

Back to reality now, peeling and job hunting…

Mood of the moment ~Basement cleanup freakout

Tune of the Moment ~ Some Broken Hearts – Don Williams

What’s for supper ~ Big Ass Steak , potatoes etc




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1 05 2006

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