We’ll miss you Grampie

6 05 2006

My Grampie passed away. He was 86. He led a very full life. His last few years were tough. He lost Dena, the love of his life, four years ago. Last year he had to watch his son die of cancer. Not easy stuff. In the middle he pulled what I called the candy bar comeback. He was really sick, I didn’t think he’d make it but after piling away a ton of candy and packing on the pounds he was back like a holly jolly Santa. I remember last summer in Cape Breton sitting at the table I rubbed his belly and he smiled and said “I’m expecting”.

Unfortunately he couldn’t pull out another comeback. I think he had a broken heart.

I was there when he died. A first for me. He went in the middle of my rant about my own death. I said something to the effect of “When I die, cook me up, put me in some tupperware and dump me in the lake”. With that Dad said “I think he stopped breathing”.

He was gone. One of my heroes gone. As I gave him a kiss leaving him for the last time I whispered to him “Keep your line tight” just like he had to me since I was a boy. I know he is at peace and he is in a better place with less pain and hopefully enough books for him to read.

I’m going to eulogize him and My Great Uncle Walter in a few weeks. That’s me, the family eulogizer. When Grampie was on his way out I told my sister how much I admired her for being able to comfort those folks on their way out. I was told my strength is in bringing comfort to people in other ways. If I can put smiles on faces that’s fine by me. It’s a much easier gig.

Mood of the moment ~Sappy Sentimentalist
Tune of the Moment ~ 45 Years – Stan Rogers
What was for supper ~ Cinco Da Mayo Scoff




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