And the clouds parted…

16 06 2006

Hey all,

Some weather huh? Looking around this AM you’d think there was a hurricane last night. Close enough I guess. But today it’s bright and sunny, even looks that way for the weekend! Other clouds have parted too. I accepted a position with a company called Access Labels Wednesday based in Amherst of all places I will be travelling the Maritimes primarily. The owner seems really nice and laid back. To soon to see if he drinks rum or not. BUT he does like to golf. It will be nice to contribute to society again….

Seriously, this little “break” was nice but I really want to get back to work. Just getting around more people on a daily basis will be nice. Hitting the roads instead of airports will help too!

I apologize to everyone I might have growled at in the past little bit. Before February I was probably really mad anyway and won’t apologize for that LOL.

It has be great getting reconnected with the kids while I’ve been off. It helped me see that our relationship was suffering from all of the travel before. Certainly with Emma it’s nice to see I’m more of a go to figure.

Anyway, time to wrap up projects that I started around here and take some time to chill too! Perhaps a trip to the woods is in order? I also have to get ready for the Deckstravaganza not many more sleeps and I’ve still got a few tunes to learn on the guitar by then.

Mood of the moment ~Believe it or not relaxed!
Tune of the Moment ~ Landslide- Dixie Chicks
What’s for supper ~ Perfect Striploin, Baked Potatoes, Grilled Veggies, Salad and a nice red




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