O Liver Where Art Thou?

11 08 2006

Last weekend saw the Second Fourchu Reunion. Wow. Lots of changes in 10 years. 10 Years ago I was more or less single and brought this girl I was dating down. I guess that stuck. I dedicated “Good Hearted Woman” at Karaoke Friday night to Jen. I felt it was fitting.
That can’t be good, Rob singing at Karaoke. Turns out Mom is a Karaoke Queen. You know how sometimes people get really into a weekend the first night? That was Friday night. Anytime I’m the voice of reason and things wrap at 5:30 it can’t be good. Anyway we made it thru the day complete with making supper for 300 in 100 Degree heat. Yes it was actually nice weather in Fourchu. Saturday looked like it was going to be fairly well behaved until Dad thought it would be a good idea to invite half of the dance attendees back. See any similarities? Well, the guitars came out shortly after. Ever try and direct a drunken choir? Not easy. Big hits were Oh Canada, Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells, The Island and the newly re-penned Tweleve (no typo) Days of Christmas. I sent Dad and Clarence to bed at 4:30. Another long day Sunday. Made Robbie MacMuffins for Brekkie, went to church, the beach and finally to the bonfire. Big weekend in Fourchu.
Worked our way home Monday. Last night we caught the Dixie Chicks, great show. Too bad their career as at the point that they play Halifax.
I need some rest big time.
Mood of the moment ~ Draggin’ Me Arse
Tune of the Moment ~ Bedouin Soundclash – When the night feels my song
What was for supper ~ Hoagies and Nachos (Healthier tomorrow I promise)




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