It’s Race Day In Antigonish Baby !!!!!

19 08 2006

Wooohooooo! “It’s race day” in Antigonish. If you’ve ever been on a racing road trip with me (it’s a very exclusive club LOL) you would know that those are the very first words out of my mouth when I wake up on race day.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were standing there on our way home from Smeltfest 06 and Dad said “No way they’ll be open this year” to which I hastily replied “Have faith brother”. Since then I have watched the website, heard stories and the rest of it. Now it’s done. I was there last Monday on my way home from CB. WOW! It’s Bristol of the North. Thank you Mr. Chisolm for doing this. The Cuban Assasin was there yesterday for the practice sessions.

How historic is this? I’m taking Liam so he can talk about years from now. I absolutely love that he’s getting into racing. It’s gotta be like when Dad first started taking me but I was much younger. By age seven I was a already a race veteran. He was pissed when he found out I was at a pro stock race last weekend and he was at the cottage. I wish Dad was going to be there but he’ll be at the cottage sitting by the phone waiting for race results. He’s going to camp with us in October for the big pro stock race then (oh is it cold in October?).

So here I am with a shit eating grin waiting to go to the track like I have done so many times since I was a very little boy. I’m pretty sure Jen thinks I’m nuts, well I guess that’s a given, rather I mean nuts for travelling to tracks all over North America to watch cars go round in circles. There are worse places I could be that’s for sure.

But that’s the way it goes. I was talking to the Cuban yesterday and he said he was to talking to Joan Roue from for quite a while. He seemed surprised that the chat lasted as long as it did. I told him while we may not do well with the “right smart” folks but we more than hold our own with race fans. GOD bless the Cuban, the wee immigrant boy from Cooks Cove, crossed my path on the ball diamond over ten years ago and has been roaming with me to tracks (generally in the rain) all over North America ever since in between becoming one of my best friends and few confidants.

I leave you with this. A BUSCH commercial states that “Some people say that racing isn’t a sport. That’s true, it’s a WAY OF LIFE”. AMEN BROTHER

Mood of the moment ~ See above
Tune of the Moment ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground
What’s for supper ~ Race Track Salad Bar LOL




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