The Usual Suspects…

12 09 2006

Well, the Prine show was fantastic. The weekend was great. Friday before the show as predicted I spent some serious patio time at Your Fathers Mouthstache with some guys I used to work with. Not sure what it is but my friends who I’m closest to are the one’s I can shit on the hardest, say stuff you’d never say to an enemy, and do it all with a smile and get one back followed by a good belly laugh. That was Friday night. Saturday brought the 9th Annual Ian MacLean Memorial Golf Tournament for the Childrens Wish Foundation, I’ve made 8 of them. In the beginning I was playing with my Kinsmen brothers and now it’s the guys I used to be in Kinsmen with. You want a tough crowd, there they are. The foursome is nasty and usually the one in front and the one behind is worse. NASTY NASTY NASTY! Guys drinking their breakfast and continuing on thru. I’ve seen flying golf carts, flying clubs, people swimming on the course, nudity, sleeping and I think if you checked all of the bushes maybe some vomit. Good times baby, good times! Anyway, I came home Saturday night for a quiet night, so quiet I fell asleep watching the race. Sunday was the wrap up for Liams first season with the Fall River Red Sox. Lots of fun for these folks. Good weekend indeed. Time to work off to NB soon….

Mood of the moment ~ Little Tired

Tune of the Moment ~ Muddy Water- Hoochie Coochie Man

What’s for supper ~ Lasagna




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