The old kid made the paper…

25 09 2006

From the Halifax Daily News September 25th, 2006


Monday, September 25, 2006Rock on, Halifax!

To the editor:
I really enjoyed Pat Connolly’s column Saturday, Ignore Naysayers: Rock On.

Well done. Well said. Bravo.

I’ve never encountered such negativity as I do in this city. When a great idea comes along (i.e. The Commonwealth Games) to bring this city to the world stage, the theorists and followers jump on board. It’s the most awful thing to ever happen until the next thing rolls up. Saturday’s Rolling Stones concert brought an estimated $12 million into the local coffers. HRM offered up $100,000 to assist with the event and the province followed.

In a year where tourism tanked because of a high Canadian dollar and even higher gas prices, this event is bringing folks in by land, sea and air. We should embrace such an event with arms and business bank accounts wide open. Much like the movie Field of Dreams, folks going to an event like this are more than pleased to drop cash like it’s going out of style – other than for $7 beers.

I’m sure many local music and sports lovers have gone through the joys of the road trip to experience things like I have. Travel to a strange city, live life as you should and then drag your butt home. It’s a whole lot easier doing it when you are already home! Saturday, in different corners of the city, we had the Stones, an NHL game, a world-class movie festival, a Canadian songstress and a host of other events. Celebrate it Halifax, it’ll be pretty quiet next weekend!

We need only look to the City of Moncton for a success story on event planning and promotion. We do a great job with things like hockey, now we just need to diversify!

To the aforementioned naysayers real estate is hot now, here’s your chance to get out and return to the hills from whence ye came. I for one will not miss you!

Rock on Halifax and keep it rolling!
Rob MacCormick
Fall River




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