In the dog house…

17 10 2006

Well I’m in deep. Shit that is. I went Friday to Riverside speedway (see above) with Dad and a couple of buddies. Plan was simple. Go to races Friday night. Stay at the Sullivans cabin in Ernville. Some drinks, some eats, some cards. Go to the races and get home late Saturday night.

Friday went to plan. We hit the track, rolled to the cabin, a few drinks, some eats, some cards (beat Dad 2/3 games HA). Saturday was eerily sunny. Went to the track in the afternoon. Some racing and then the rain came. Why does it always rain when I go to the track? I always thought it was the Cuban. He was in Calgary. Must be me.

Anyway, we were invited to stay at Mom & Dad’s in Truro as we would have had to go back to Antigonish the next day. Night race in Charlotte, having a good time with Dad and the boys. Seems innocent enough. Other than the fact I leave Thursday for Martinsville, Virginia (second pic). Enter dog house.

Truro was fun I’ll admit. The boys even got to meet the legendary Kevin Croft star of many many many stories of “chaos and mayhem”. Craig got to tackle a 2LB donair and Lois got to mother four boys.

When you think about it this racing stuff is pretty innocent. There are many places WORSE that I could be hanging out!!!!

So, it’s been quiet round here at Chateau Mac and I’m leaving Thursday. There was a funny story Dad told over the weekend about me going to the races when I was 3 and sleeping between the races. Seems I’ve loved racing a little longer than I’ve loved girls. Racing doesn’t give you everything though does it?(nice save)

We’ll be reporting from the races over the weekend. Git r dun!

Mood of the moment ~ Work work work
Tune of the Moment ~ Poets – The Hip
What’s for supper ~ Something with veggies lots of BBQ on the way




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