Martinsville 06 DAY 1 Will they make it?

20 10 2006

Cripes! I booked an early flight to get here. A 6AM departure comes early and of course I can’t sleep the night before. So at 4AM I’m rolling. I knew things were going to be interesting when the Cuban forgot he had a knife on when we went thru security. Not good. Anyway we got to TO, he realized that his other boarding pass was in his bag that he checked with the knife. Not good either. That made us late for the bus, which meant we got pushed thru customs good right? No! Bowes encountered a slovakian (no offense) trainee who put him down as a work immigrant not a drunken race fan. So he goes to the little room. I’ve been there no fun at all. All the while the helpful Cuban tells the nice lady manager to help us spring Bowes. Not good at all. She calls to get our luggage pulled.

Even a novice traveller can see that things are really going to shit now. The clouds parted and he got sprung. From there we return to security, where Bowes now has a knife.

If I was travelling with Grizzly Adams and Big Ben I would have had less trouble.

Finally we head off to our flight that is to depart in four minutes. Not bad, except we had a short 2KM run to deal with literally. Have you seen me run in the past 10 years. No? You are not alone . Well I kick the sneakers down and I’m off. We met friends who were waiting for another flight I heard the chant “Run Robbie Run” or was it “Run Forrest Run”? Fitness met time head on and we were done. I sadly told the boys to leave me behind I’d be ok. And they did! Bastards!

As expected we finally arrived sweaty and near dead only to find out that our flight was delayed! GRRRRRR!

Off we go next thing you know we are in NC. PIck up the rental car and an upgrade to a 300. Sweet! Onward Christian soldiers to Charlotte. We toured Lowes Motor Speedway, Hendrick Motorsports, Rousch and Bass Pro Shops. Busy afternoon.

Tonight we had dinner at our first BAR-B-Q place Lancasters in Mooresville. Full of racing stuff and wicked grub. Now we’ve arrived in Reidsville, NC time for bed.

Watch for us on SPEED tomorrow night at trackside!

What’s for supper – BAR-B-Q
Mood of the moment – Beat
Tune of the moment – Bang your head – Quiet Riot




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