21 10 2006

Saturday was to be a long day and an even longer night. We went to the track and checked out the sights, sounds and smells. Oh yes and the tastes. Martinsville is known for it’s hotdogs. I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the dog dept. Well I’ve never seen anything that color before the dog itself is bright red, covered with chili and coleslaw. It tastes better than it looks trust me. Well had us some of those and sat in the bright Virgina sunshine catching the truck race. Good race, what a place this is, set in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. Beautiful country. We found a shortcut that got us from the track to the hotel in a half hour. That’s pretty damn quick as we spent two hours each way last year! We even got to another Food Lion for a little more Coors Light. Why the Food Lion? I being the event planner, logistics dude checked the flyers that week and they had the cheapest beer. $9.99 for 18 Coors!

We stopped at the hotel for nappy time. Bar B Q and off to the dirt track. Good times. I’ve since decribed Reidsville as visiting Springhill in the 60s. The dirt track was somewhere even more remote. Folks dressed in camo outnumbered the rest of us and they even brought their own propane heaters in the stands. Yes, open flame in the stands. Wow. Hillbilly heaven!




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