22 10 2006

Well as you can see we finally made it to the track at Martinsville last night. We were on the Trackside show on SPEED. Front row no less as we arrived I saw Jeff Hammond acted like the fool I am and ran over for a picture. We managed to get our NS flag on TV apparently. After that we rolled back where we crashed. One thing about us on these trips there are “generally” no crazy late nights. Last night we barely made midnight.

This morning we got up and rolled to the track again for the truck race. We even found a short cut! It was cool to finally get inside the track. It is so small. It’s the oldest track on the circuit and the smallest. I’ve been waiting to try a Martinsville Dog since we got here. At $2 each they are a bargain. Not just any dog mind you. Hard to describe it but you order it “all the way”. That gets you a dog that’s redder than anything God put on this earth topped with chili and coleslaw. It tastes great reallly it does. After the truck race we came back to the Hotel for nap time and then we had to eat more Bar-b-q.

When I found this hotel in Reidsville I also found Short Sugars. It’s been around since 1949 serving traditional NC Bar-B-Q. Not bad really. Yesterday we ate it twice once at Andy’s (Now Serving Vegetables Place) and last night at Pigs R Us. I’ve got likes and dislikes about all of these places we’ve been. What I love the most though is watching the other two get hooked on it like me. That and the most expensive dinner has been $10 with beverage and you are stuffed!

Anyway we arrive for supper and the place is busy. We sit in the back near a group of older guys eating and another couple. I was enjoying listening to them when we joined their conversation. Well they were in awe that we were from Canada. In awe that we liked Bar-B-Q and in awe that we wanted directions to a local dirt track. The guys left and the couple who were sitting next closest cleared up the directions. Simply 4 lights, turn left and “Don’t y’all turn till ya get there”. I love it here. I have since I first came here years ago.

With dinner out of the way we were off to the dirt track. Non race fans reading this would say weren’t they at a track most of the day? Yes we were but this is different. It’s dirt we don’t have it home. The 311 Speedway is billed as the Daytona of Dirt. Heavy expectations, but we weren’t let down. Even some NASCAR guys were around racing or trying to get a car to race. The prices were very reasonable there. For $14 I was able to get the following a Bologna burger, nachos, a pepsi, a redneck t-shirt and a toque. It was freakin’ cold there tonight. Anyway long day done. Time for a cholesterol pill and bedtime. Tomorrow it’s the Big Race Day…..




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