Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

4 12 2006

Hey there, turned 35 this weekend. Cripes! Anyway great time was had by all. My party had a Southern NASCAR theme (original huh?). Loads of eats and drinks. I did up traditional pulled pork on the grill for 8 hours after dry marinating it for 24 hours, brunswick stew that was wicked, a variety of slaws and Mom brought Bible Hill beans. Won’t be right for days…..Anyway, that wraps the racing season up and frees some time up for me.

Time to focus on getting ME better. My meeting at the Endocrinologist was less than good. I’ve got to eat better, drink little or no booze, exercise and take lots of pills. It would have been easier to drop dead 50 years ago. The benefits of science eh? Seriously time to drop some chins and some cholesterol too! Sunday will remain eat what you want day.

Mood of the moment ~ Ever Forward
Tune of the Moment ~ Fantasy ~ Mariah Cary & ODB
What’s for Supper ~ Chicken and veggies




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