Welcome Frickin’ Winter

5 12 2006

So when you see a pic like this you can’t help but go aaaah sweet. But if you were still stuck in traffic you were more likely to say “Oh #*&@”. Gridlock in Halifax. I know we usually make fun of the folks in T.O but we (those that don’t live in Halifax) make fun of Haligonians next. Get the tires, shovels, mitts and hats Winter is here kiddies, as a friend of mine would say “Suck it up”.

By the way happy anniversary blog I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for two years but I have. Kinda neat to do, easy to post. Why in the hell aren’t you doing it? I’m ramping it up in the New Year trying to figure out how to add video here. Look out if I can figure that out.


Mood of the moment ~ Perky Turkey
Tune of the Moment ~ The Ocean- Led Zeppelin
What’s for supper ~ Chicken Parm, taters, peas and corn




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