V.I.P Status Costs 25 Cents

7 12 2006

Tonight was Liam’s Holiday concert, don’t call it a Christmas concert whatever you do. He goes to a big school (700+). So the concert actually takes place over two nights. To raise money amongst other things they sell tickets for front row seats. Well I got a call today and Liam’s name was drawn. Like most events you can’t beat getting up front. Each class had it’s share of characters I assure you that. Lots of waves a few tears it was all good. Liam debuted his new haircut tonight he looks much older than he did with the shag cut. Anyway nice night, don’t think I’m ready to see my baby girl up there next year though….


Mood of the moment ~ Sappy Pappy
Tune of the Moment ~ Sister Golden Hair- America
What was for supper ~ Homemade mexican kickass pizza



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