It’s beginning to look like Ho Ho at Walmart

17 12 2006

Hi there, it’s a week from Christmas eve. All your shopping done yet? We’re pretty much there. Even had a surprise that one item already gotten was on today for $30 less. With that I braved the crowds and climbed the shelves to get the last item. The joys of it all. I get a kick out of going to Wally World. I’ve been to tons of them all over North America. I get this habit from my buddy the Cuban. Today’s magic moment were the two old dolls dancing the Christmas Polka (I’m serious) in ladies wear. I believe they snuck in their own boom box. GOD love them. Likely not up to Walmart code but to hell with them. I really do love Christmas, I turn into a little kid so the thought of a “scaled back” year leaves me a little glum but as they say shit happens. The little people are well covered and that’s the main thing.

Last night we had the boy’s birthday party which consisted of a sleepover with three of his buddies. Didn’t go too badly, I think ate too much junk, they slept a bit, a big brekkie and out the door!

A quick to the hub should highlight today a birthday gift dropoff, a little ho ho mixer, and back.

Seven more sleeps till ho ho and only 55 till the Bud Shootout….


Mood of the moment ~ A bit tired
Tune of the Moment ~ Gloria – John Lee Hooker & Van Morrison (thank you Napster)
What’s for supper ~ Chicken Pasta Casserole




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