Merry Christmas

29 12 2006

And so the big fella came after all. Christmas morning was fantastic how can it not be to see that look in a kid’s eyes? Santa & co. brought all kinds of great stuff this year. For the first time both sets of grandparents were here to share in the excitement. Liam stepped up while I was sick as a dog and gave the gifts out. Very nice indeed. I got some personal gifts this year from Jen like a new shaving kit, a new wallet, everyday stuff that I needed. Honestly after the gifts were opened I went back to bed I was feeling rotten so that part wasn’t great.
We went to Mom & Dad’s on Boxing Day. Nice to see everyone for games night. For a record setting fifth year the boys beat the girls. This year’s event was MacCormick charades. Which basically means Mom and I each contributed a sheet of items. I kept mine simple, donairs, Osama Bin Laden and Salt and Vinegar chips you get the idea. Mom was a little trickier. You probably have competed for giant green peas, “to catch a mockingbird” or the best of Cape Breton Fourchu right? It was a spirited competition. I can’t give it all away here you’d never wait for the DVD to come out….
The 27th took us to the Sharkeys for a Brown due. Nice to see that bunch as well. Time to feast again! I grilled memphis ribs that went over pretty well. The clam and I went to the Mooseheads game with Uncle Dave and Rod. I was still sick but felt I should do the right thing. I’m glad I did. I’ll never forget the look in someone’s eyes when a fight broke out in front of us. Instant hockey fan.
Very glad to get home this flu sucks! It kinda ruined the holidays to an extent for me but the rest is good for you or that’s what I’ve heard anyway.

Mood of the moment ~ Almost feeling better or is it the rum?
Tune of the Moment ~ Don’t want to miss a thing – Aerosmith
What was for supper ~ Striploin, roasted potatoes, and veggies



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