ShitStorm 06 : The year in review

31 12 2006

Well with a title like that things can’t be good eh? It’s not as bad as it looks other than Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo as seen above. I’m counting the seconds down to 2007. This year has had way more downs than ups. Let’s break it out Month after Month shall we?

Happy New Year and business as usual right? I went to New England and the Mid Atlantic a few times. Conflict with a consultant at work. Frustrated. No offense to anyone but I strongly believe those who can’t do it, consult it! Grrr

Smeltfest was held in Ben Eoin this year. Great time but no fishing, oh well. Story of the month was that I got smoked. After roaming the US for close to two years I was let go. Kick in the balls huh? Word to the wise, don’t mess with management consultants. Great opportunity and a great experience for the most part. Case closed. Guitar lessons have started. Daytona kick off at the Cubans.

I’m now grocery shopping at least three times a week. That and we finally started getting flyers. Not good, freezers full and I’m working at being a stay at home Dad. Actually it’s nice getting to hang out with the kids. You don’t realize how much you miss until you stop for a sec. Caught Motley Crue on an 80s night gone wild. Went to Moncton for a March Break getaway for Liam. Sopranos new season back on TV!
“I tell you this my friend….”

Still not working yet….Why not take a vacation? We went to Cancun for a week cheap. How cheap $2500 tax in for 4. Nice to get away. I love Mexico. Interesting to vacation with George Bush and PM Harper. We lost Grampie on the 28th.

Still not working….Dad, the Cuban, Grover and I went to see Willie Nelson. Much different show than in Florida last year with Bob Dylan. Grampie and Uncle Walter were laid to rest in Cape Breton on Victoria Day Weekend. Wouldn’t you know it I got a trout on my first cast. Thanks Grampie I still miss you! Two more tough eulogies and I got the balls to ask for Uncle Walter’s House on the family compound. Looking forward to more time down the road.

Still not working….When is the sun going to arrive? Not so good trip to see the doc, I’m off to see an endocrinologist. I start staining the deck, 20 gallons later still not done. Clam starts playing for the Red Sox. Hey, I got a job offer! Don’t really like the job but I need a gig.

Start work for a small company in Amherst with a mindset to match. Hired to cover the Maritimes, on the road again. No airplanes this time. Deckstravanza was held quite different than in the past. I guess we are growing up. Sigh.

The Fourchu reunion was quite an event. Nothing like a sleepless party all night type of weekend to make you feel alive or kill you. Cripes. Writing Christmas carols in August or a MacCormick singing at Karaoke never makes for a good idea. Nor is me being the voice of reason late (VERY LATE) at night. Riverside reopens historically with a roadtrip with me the Clam and the Cuban overnighting it in Ernville. Rum, crib and chips who could ask for anything more.

Spent the long weekend at Cariboudoudlet. Caught John Prine with some great friends. Ian MacLean golf tournament rocks as usual. The Fredericton Jazz & Blues Festival nearly deafened me and the Cuban. Really someone should sit us down and say it’s time to smarten the hell up.

Never one to shy away from controversy I head off to Riverside again with Dad, Chuck and Craig Q. A one nighter became two. Not the end of the World unless you were leaving for Martinsville on Thursday. Note to others, if building a doghouse make it quite comfortable for all to enjoy. Martinsville was an amazing trip click on October 2006 to check back on the story. Pictures really are worth at least 1,000 words.

Things seemed to be rolling along. Nice anniversary trip. My 35th birthday hit and a southern feast was amazing. A week later I have “that talk” again. No more small town company with a mindset to match. Note to others, never take a job that you will not enjoy it shows thru! A health warning to boot!

More quality time with the little people coming up! Two kicks in one year. Seriously I’m a nice guy what in the hell have I done to deserve this? Makes you wonder….First snow storm cripples Metro. Second anniversary of this blog thing. Some heroes are lost John Allan and James Brown. Great Christmas other than the flu and that unemployment thing. A wedding to wrap it up and I will be freakin’ glad to say Happy New Year.

What have we learned?
A job is something you go to and do your best while you are there
The most important people are home
Take a walk it’s good for you in lots of ways
Eat well
Laugh often
Be an optimist
Try different things
Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today

What have I learned?
All of the above. Plus I learned to play guitar and rediscovered reading. I’ve read more in the past year than the last 10.

What’s next?
Gameful employment, health, happiness, World peace and the usual crap!

To all of you have a Happy New Year and for me please try something new and let me know what it was and if you actually read this let me know what you think




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