10 01 2007

From time to time I pass on good advice. This is good advice!
See Craig? Nice guy, one of my best friends, would likely give you the shirt off his back. He’s a sales guy too like me. He was recently in New Orleans on business. Left with some time free he explored one of the most dangerous cities in North America. He called me and all I heard were sirens. “Are you okay? If you’ve been shot press one!” I asked. Not shot but hustled. Cripes I asked if a bum wanted change for a fifty. A little laugh was heard on the other end of the line.
Apparently he met a local gentleman who had an opportunity of a lifetime for him. The kind hearted local asked “Betcha $20 I can tell you where you got yer shoes!” Well the innocent Craig thought to himself “I’m from Nova Scotia how in the hell will he ever know?” “Alright you’re on!” (at this point in the story my spider senses were tingling) Craig challenged “Where?”
The toothless entrepreneur barked back “On your feet that’ll be $20 please”.
“*$&#!” Craig replied.
“You’ve been hustled” the teacher said “Everyone needs to get hustled at least once and it beats me dealing crack or coke”. As a man of his word Craig wisely paid him his $20.
What have WE learned here? Other than that they probably teach tourist hustling in school there. If it looks to good to be true and the gentleman you are entering into this agreement with likely doesn’t have $20, a net worth of $20, nor teeth or organs worth $20 it probably is not true.
I assured him he will be able to recoup his $20 at SmeltFest as many will likely take up his challenge. Until then I am establishing a small trust fund for him donations of change, beer or non descript shoes are gladly accepted!
Mood of the moment ~ Time to paint
Tune of the Moment ~ Steve Miller – Midnight Train (Salute to Anything Goes Slopitch Team)
What’s for supper ~ Home made “good for you” chicken wings, salad, and beige thai soup I made yesterday that actually tastes pretty damn good



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