Love this internet thing

12 01 2007


As I mentioned I read a whack (by my standards) of books this year and one that I finished recently was a bio on one of my favorite songwriters Steve Earle called Hardcorde Troubador: The Life and Near Death of Steve Earle wow that one was pretty dark. Fantastic book though and it’s gotten me back into his music more than ever. So I stumbled onto this site tonight from Ireland where he’s as popular as he is here. Did you know Canada is his top market? Yup. Anyway pour a beverage, turn up the speakers, dim the lights and listen. Really listen…

Crib tournament at the hall coming up this weekend look out!


Mood of the moment ~ Two drink mellowness
Tune of the Moment ~ Steve Earle – Copperhead Road (Accoustic)
What was for supper ~ Cleaned out the freezer of odds and ends. Do you have any idea how much stuff is in there? Good idea to clean them out once in a while and organize them (need to go back to work soon I know!) No steak or chicken sales for a long while nor frozen veggies or needing to have 8 things of my frozen spaghetti sauce either!




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