19 01 2007

I’m cold. This weather has been weird no big newsflash there. But I’m cold today it doesn’t help that I’m downstairs in manland and there’s not much heat. Enough bitching I guess. SmeltFest is a week away and I can hardly wait. There may be enough ice to actually fish. Otherwise you know how it is 10 guys in a house in Cape Breton with only guitars, cards, grub and hooch to take care of them. It’ll be great. The menu is impressive. Some guys may have to walk home to feel better. I’m looking forward to the crib tournament. Dad & I played in a tournament here at the hall last weekend. I had a great time. We did okay. Not in the money but okay. I didn’t know there is a whole underground crib World. Who knew? Hopefully tomorrow night we are going to play some more Rummikub like we did last weekend. Sobriety is key with this one. Anyway looks like the weather’s gonna be shite settle in and there is of course football on Sunday!

Mood of the moment ~ Still damn cold
Tune of the Moment ~ Sons of Maxwell – Fox on the run
What’s for supper ~ Gift card from the KEG!




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