Love Is A Burning Thing And It Makes A Fiery Ring

5 02 2007

So, it was SuperBowl Sunday yesterday. Time for senseless excess. Beer, food that’s not good for you, loud tv, good friends and cursed Canadian commercials. All of the above were here. Wings, shrimp, cheese sticks, nachos and TNT pepperoni. The ring of fire, Johnny had it right.

SuperBowl has been a hit or miss day for me over the years team wise. I’ve thrown great SB parties forever. I remember in high school we got a 26″ pizza for four of us and snuck off to the woods for one beer at halftime. Bachelor pad parties led up to the years we had stadium seating set up in the living room at the habitat in Truro. That was when I had a bootleg US dish and all the good commercials and if I remember correctly the lingerie bowl at half time. I’ve been a lifelong Broncos fan so I’ve been there in the good times and the bad. Seen hats, shirts and other goodies go up in flames literally. When they finally won I just sat and stared at the TV, my mind was melted. Same deal when the Sox won the World Series. Just staring with a dumb look on my face and a tear running down my cheek. I can deal with the funk brother in law Jeff would be in today as his Bears got thumped.

Back to the commercials for a sec. I understand GLOBAL has to make some money on the game. But knowing that on the other side of the Border they are watching the best commercials of the year drives me nuts. Thanks to this wonderful internet thing you can get the commercials within minutes of airtime. If you have some leftovers from last night warm them up, crack a beer and click here.

I’ve got a little something I gotta take care of here.

And it burns, burns, burns. The ring of fire.

Mood of the moment ~ Tired of being cold
Tune of the Moment ~ Purple Rain ~ Prince
What’s for supper ~ Leftover Turkey dinner




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