Sick and tired of people being sick and tired

6 02 2007

I got a call from Dad this morning that our old neighbor was diagnosed with Cancer. He is full of it. He hadn’t been feeling well, went in for some tests and they opened him up to see that he’s full. Nothing can be done for him. He has anywhere from six weeks to maybe summer. Life isn’t fair sometimes and this is a pretty Goddamned solid example of it. This gentleman led an incredibly clean lifestyle, did everything right. EVERYTHING! And this is what you get? I am so mad about this, it’s another example of what people are suffering thru. Try and find a friend who hasn’t had cancer ravage their family. Nobody is immune to this. Young or old it doesn’t matter. We have another family friend 20 years old battling cancer. If scientists can create anything we hasn’t Cancer been beaten yet? How many people have to die? Why aren’t governments doing more? Why is it more important to fight a war in a far off land than take care of the entire human popluation of EARTH? Why? Start asking yourself and your government why this is?




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